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This memorial website has been created in the memory of a very special man in our lives, Edward Casper Long.  He was born in Haydensburg, Tennessee on January 13, 1923 and passed away in Akron, Ohio on May 15, 2005 at the age of 82.  We will love and remember him forever.

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"HAPPY THANKSGIVING"   / Sue (Daughter)
 My two favorite memories of Thanksgiving are when you took Courtney to ToyRus to buy her a pair of roller blades and of course they didn't have any small enough yet she didn't understand & she was determined to get a pair. She threw the big...  Continue >>
Beautiful Fall Sunday   / Sue (Daughter)
 Had you on my mind on this beautiful fall day. Courtney came & spent the weekend with me. It was nice having her here. I missed being able to talk to you today. Luv & Miss You Bunches
Labor Day   / Sue (Daughter)
Hi Dad Thinkin' of you and our camping trips on Labor Day @ Salt Lick. We had soooo much fun & I have many memories of camping with you. Courtney is home for the weekend. She goes back to campus this afternoon. Ben is taking me to Harrah's...  Continue >>
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY   / Sue (Daughter)
Dad, Thinking of you and Mom on this holiday. I sure miss our camping trips at Salt Lick. Luv you both
Happy Fathers Day   / Annie Meador (daughter (step) )
Happy Fathers Day Daddy. I miss you alot Sometimes it hard to make decisions with out you...I hope you haver met my Skip up there Give him a hug And its from me to you then you give him a hug from me.... Ilove you and miss u alot Annie
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"Happy Memorial Day"  / Sue     Read >>
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  / Sue     Read >>
Birthday / Marlene (daughter)    Read >>
Sharing a special moment in my life with you!  / Sue     Read >>
You've Been On My Mind  / Sue Beckwith     Read >>
Thinkin of you  / Sue     Read >>
Missing you  / Sue (Daughter)    Read >>
Thinking of You  / Sue (Daughter)    Read >>
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